About Us

(Chamila, Dunstan, Tristan & Prestan Peters)

Trinity Star Foundation was established by Dunstan Peters, an Immigrant to Canada from at that time war-ravaged Sri Lanka. As a young man, Dunstan was separated from his family over 5 years and had to endure his own personal challenges in his home country while waiting to join the rest of his family in Canada.  When he was 17, Dunstan joined his family in Toronto. During his separation, his schooling was stopped and upon arriving in Canada based on his age he was put at Grade 10 level that is a welcoming yet arduous challenge for young Dunstan. In parallel, as an immigrant family, the Peters were struggling to establish their foothold financially and young Dunstan made himself a contributing member of the family by working nights and weekends while completing his high school education. Based on his experience, struggles and how he overcame such challenges to become a successful entrepreneur, is the basis for Trinity Star Foundation. Our Foundation focuses on education for the young either in Canada or Globally, the challenges immigrants and displaced people endure while focusing on making a foothold for themselves and their families as well basic human necessities that can allow those who are displaced or in the move to have the sense of HELP that can make the difference. This is where Trinity Star Foundation exists – Educate, Enable or Empower those who are in need.

Here are some excerpts of an article on Dunstan Peter as published by Queens University Executive MBA magazine.

“Fast forward to 2017 and this energetic and determined entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of several companies, including his first enterprise, Trinity Tech, which employs more than 150 people in five offices across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.”

“In building his companies, Dunstan has made it a policy to hire newcomers to Canada, recognizing that a diverse workforce would be an advantage. “It has been extremely gratifying to give internationally trained engineers the opportunity to gain their first Canadian work experience,” says Dunstan. “This is often the first step towards attaining their Canadian professional designation. Roughly 60% of our Canadian employees are immigrants and this has led Trinity Tech receiving Canadian public and non-profit sector awards for supporting new immigrants to Canada.””

Today the company provides a wide range of engineering and related services to more than 225 automotive companies in North America and Europe.

“Dunstan and his wife Chamila live in the Greater Toronto Area with their twin sons. Teaching by example the importance of giving back is a priority for the couple. “As a family, we support a wide variety of community and charitable organizations through our own Trinity Star Foundation, which funds scholarship programs and other philanthropic activities locally and globally,” Dunstan says.  “Our dreams of a peaceful and prosperous life in Canada have come true. We’re privileged to be able to give back to support the dreams of others.””