We are first generation immigrants to Canada. We both took a different route to arrive at this Great Country however personally or as a family faced challenges and struggle to make our first a foothold, then to establish the life we dearly enjoy today. The journey here also wasn’t paved with Gold nor Roses however we both understood perseverance and using the opportunities presented by strangers, friends, family, organizations and the Nation itself as brought us to where we are today and the future to come. As a way to show our appreciation for the kindness and opportunity presented, we now wish to support those who continue to arrive seeking either safety, opportunity or both in this beautiful land named – CANADA. To this promise, our Foundation will provide all levels of immigrant support to those who are already here or we are planning to launch a service that could provide support such as how to, arrival support and mentoring services for those who are planning to make their journey to CANADA.

Each year Canada receives over 200,000 immigrants from around the world. Not all immigrants arrive here prepared to the challenges this land presents and Trinity Star Foundation looks forward to supporting as many of the newcomers who are in need of Basic Human needs while working to make a foothold and build a life.

Chamila and Dunstan