Areas of Interest

The Trinity Foundation is interested in the following areas:

  • Education: Scholarship and Basic Education Support in Canada and Globally
  • Immigrants: Settlement assistance and Mentorship for new immigrants

It is the focus of the foundation to enable a Canadian and Global society that is self-sustaining and be able to transform on their own to a better human life aligned to the Mazlow’s Basic Needs. We believe by enabling human beings to receive the physiological and safety needs it will provide a better human response to the betterment of humanity itself by focusing on our Areas of Interest. For this, Trinity Foundation has made our decision to support education locally in Canada and Globally as well assist migrant and immigrant communities with their basic needs for the transformation of theirs and their families’ lives. Trinity Foundation is a nonpolitical and non-religious institution and as such we avoid anything that is aligned to the beliefs, ideology or dogma associated with any forms of institutions or organizations other than our guiding principles.